50% Funded!

02/03/2012 15:38

This morning I woke up to find that we've passed the $2000 mark on our Kickstarter page! The project is now just over 50% funded- all thanks to our international network of backers.


Our publicity campaign is now in full swing. So far, we've sent hundreds of emails out to friends, teachers, and family. Josh travelled to his nearby hometown of Chelmsford, Boston, and we received a great response from the town hall and Chelmsford High. Check the 'Recognition' tab at the top of this page to see Josh's interview with Krista Perry of the Chelmsford Patch.


We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed, and excited to connect with new pledgers!




15/02/2012 00:22

Kickstarter, three videos, and the website  all made HUGE progress today!

It started with Kickstarter giving us the green light for posting on their site. When the email came in, Genevieve immediately called Josh, Caitlyn and Denali raving about all the possibilites Kickstarter provides. Everyone's happy dance fueled them for a wave of productivity, where Denali finished the Home Page Video, Genevieve made the Design Process Videos, and Josh and Caitlyn wrote their butts off to help us prepare for our Kickstarter debut this Saturday!

We keep producing and refining so much information so fast, by the time the website is updated, its time to update again!

I have no doubts we'll be ready for the Saturday Launch with this sort of persistance and team morale. 


We may just be four people, but together we can ensure that the city never sleeps!


Team Bonding

11/02/2012 17:49

Team meeting!

Team building and bonding over making vegetarian dumplings! Caitlyn gravely embarassed herself trying to use chopsticks. Meanwhile we set the pricing for the Kickstarter gifts and started putting the finishing touches on our site. Kickstarter will be up soon, stay tuned for further updates!