Our Team

Geneveive Marsh

Project Manager

Hello! I'm Genevieve from Auburn, California. I feel most at home in the outdoors, where I draw a lot of inspiration for my sculpture and architectural designs. I like to use a variety of thrown out non-recyclable materials, in combination with paint, wire, and fabric. The art I am most drawn to are abstract structural spaces, so working on building a huge living sculpture is super exciting!

Caitlyn Au


My name is Caitlyn and I am an INFP from Portland, Oregon. Currently, I am exploring sculpture, interactive installation, and glass, which I am majoring in next year. Besides making art, I enjoy reading, collecting nature objects, dressing monochromatically, and eating cubed food. I hope to create work that will leave a lasting spiritual impact on my audience, and to increase the public's awareness of environmental and humanitarian issues.

Joshua Shiau

Mechanical Engineer

My name is Josh Shiau and I am from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Whether in the woods teaching boy scouts how to improvise for broken or lost equipment, troubleshooting while designing and building a guitar from scratch, or creating kinetic art, I really enjoy using my own hands and ingenuity in creative problem solving. I believe that innovative and thoughtful design is key to creating a more efficient and sustainable society. With this project I hope to experiment with way we (re)use and interact with materials and to inspire thought and conversation about the role of art and design in the modern world.