Final Pics!

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Our Art Car has four elements:

  • Form (provides structure for the pinwheels, shapes interior and exterior, collapses and expands to hide the car, provides transportation)
  • Surface (reflection and transparency, texture, conglomeration of found objects, such as dressers, doors, fences, pans—whatever we find!)
  • Life (environmentally responsible, natural ventilation, light and shade, expandable elements to increase living space, an example of comfortable sustainable living.)
  • Kinetic Elements (drivable sculpture, rotation of pinwheels, wind chimes and other animated elements if there’s extra funding)

We want to follow the self-sustainable and green philosophy of Burning Man by using recycled materials.

The support structure for the pinwheels and the rest of the facade will be built 100% out of repurposed objects and recycled materials (wood, metal, plastics- whatever we find). We will find these materials at garage sales, dumps, and street-side pickup websites and the pinwheels will be submitted by the public.